The Williamsian Language was a former offical language in the States of New Canada . It also was one of the three legal and national languages of Asermia, Wisteria and Williamsia .
States of New Canada (Williamsia)
Total speakers 2
Language family Indo-European
  • Germanic
    • West Germanic
      • Anglo–Frisian
        • Anglic
          • Williamsian
Writing system Latin

The language is a modified version of English. This makes the language easy to learn, speak and write fluently if one is able to speak English. The main rule in the Williamsian Language is that you take the first letter of an English word and move it to the end. You then add the letter a or i, however you only add the letter i if the first letter of the word is a voul (A E I O U) The rest of the time you the letter a.

Some words are different and you dont use the system above. Hear are some of the words that are not created using the system above.

I = Jai

I've = jai've

Do - Doi

Don't - Doin't

It - Toi

Its - Toi's

You = Oi

You'r = Oi'r

Because - Becoi


  • I walked to the store for some milk. - Jai alkedwi oti heta toresa orfi omesi ilkmi.
  • I do not like swimming because it's pointless. - Jai doi otni ikeli wimmingswa becoi toi's ointplesspi.
  • Forever Prince Jordan and the Williamsian Royal Family - Oreverfi Prince Jordan nda heta Williamsian Oyalri Amilyfa

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