Wilton is a town in Wiltshire England. It was named after the river River Wylye and Wilton in turn gives its name to the county Wiltshire. It is registered as the capital of Moylurg and the hometown of Declan I.
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Wilton has a long and intersting history. It has seen ancient battles and have been completly burned to the ground several times. It was once captial and a royal seat of the ancient Kingdom of Wessex.

Wilton is mentioned in the Domesday Book along with Salisbury. The town once florished and became very rich. But when the Cathedral of Old Sarum was moved into the valley and rebuilt as a 406 ft high cathedral a new city called New Sarum (Salisbury) was built. The construction of this small city ment that traders and people did not have to go through Wilton anymore. Wilton was hit quite hard by this.

Hundereds of years on in the 20th century Wilton had lots of shops and two train stations. However as time went on people took there shops and moved to Salisbury ans today Wilton does not have meny shops and no train stations.

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