The United Kingdoms of Wisteria and Baijan
Official flag

Ad eundum quo nemo ante
(English: To boldly go where no one before)
Wisté-Baijani locations

Capital city Baijan City
Largest city Porddsgkwedd
Official language(s) Welsh, English
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Wisté-Baijani, Wistan
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Monarch Queen Lauren
- Heir of state Prince Jordan
- Ruling house House of Williams
Established December 27th, 2011
Area claimed 5.34 m (estimate)
Population 42 (2013)
Currency Wisté Franc (WBF)
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)
National sport Rygbi
Patron saint St. David

The United Kingdom of Wisteria and Baijan is a landlocked micronation consisting of several counties located and bordered by the Principality of Wales. The country was formerly a part of New Canada until it's independence in 2013.

Wisteria was foundered as 'Williamsia' which itself was foundered as Newydd Roggiett, and also formed the former union of New Canada. Wisteria was granted independence by the New Canadian Government in 2013. Baijan and Wisteria were annexed together to form the current constitution. In late 2012, after the Asermian War of independence, Prince Jordan changed the countries borders so that the new boundaries contain a reduced land territory that now claim nine enclaves within Wisteria and Baijan.

The country is a absolute monarchy with current head of state being Queen Lauren. The capital city is Baijan City (Wistan: Beijén Cyddad) which is currently occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Baijan. The languages of Wisteria and Baijan are Wistan, which is currently spoken by two citizens and Welsh which is known fluently by Queen Lauren, Prince Jordan, Princess Evie and the Duchess Katie as well as some of the other citizens. English is spoken throughout the whole country however it is unofficial but used on some documents. Spanish is common language that is used by some of the citizens in Wisteria and Baijan.

The Baijani overseas territory are located in the English channel which are also claimed by Wisteria and Baijan. These include Flat Holm, and Newydd Holm which together create two separate states in Wisteria and Baijan. 


The name Williamsia comes from the name Williams, a common surname in America, Wales and other countries of the United Kingdom. Prince Jordan used his surname to create the former country of Williamsia. Wisteria was chosen to become the new name of Williamsia after Prince Jordan annexed Wisteria. The name Wisteria was chosen by Princess Katie because it was the name of the street on Desperate Housewives, the Princesses favorite television program. Baijan was named after the Azerbaijan, a country located in Central Eurasia.



Newydd Roggiet (English: New Rogiet) was first foundered in 2004 by Prince Jordan and his sister. The Prince and his friends would take turn's in controlling the country and each take turn's being the King and/or Queen. The country then claimed a small tree house. However after most of Newydd Roggiet's citizen's moved away, the country started to dissolve. 

Early History

The former Prince decided that he would recreate the nation after discovering micronations. Prince Jordan created a nation known as Williamsia on September 12, 2011. Williamsia now claimed Prince Jordan's house as it's territory. Prince Jordan discovered three small islands near Wales and claimed them called them the Williamsian Islands until they were annexed to Asermia and controlled by the Asermian monarch, Duchess Katie 

Early New Canadian Era

Williamsia sent a invitation of creating a new Confederation known as New Canada to Dalton and Rosettia. During the early moths of the New Canadian era, the nation improved it's borders and introduced new a new currency that was de facto in all of the states in New Canada. 

Tim Aldente of Dalton and Prince Jordan of Wisteria created a more structured government that included themselves as joint presidents. The Prince applied for foreign relations to get the expanding country more relations. New stamps and passport's were produced for New Canadian citizens. New Canada was showing signs of a fifth world nation. Later, Williamsia was renamed to Wisteria-Williamsia. 

Freedonia declared war on Wisteria which later caused the New Canadian Civil War. Wisteria won the war with the relations it had formed whilst being a New Canadian state. Princess Katie was then declared Queen of Asermia provided she is displaced in line to the Wisterian throne.

Early Wisterian Era

(See Wisterian Monarchs )

Prince Jordan was elected as President of Asermia, he later resigned and Asermia was then passed onto Katie, Duchess of Asermia. She declared a territorial war on Wisteria-Williamsia, known as The Second Wisterian-Williamsian and Asermian Dispute. Wisteria and Asermia signed a treaty that prevented the two nations from entering war against each other.

On 20 September 2012, Prince Jordan announced that Queen Lola had abdicated the Wisterian throne, and  King Jasper of Wisteria was ill and was seeking treatment, Princess Lauren ruled as the acting Queen until King Jasper was well enough to continue royal duties. King Jasper announced that Princess Lauren was to succeed him to the throne, displacing Prince Jordan.

Early-Modern Wisterian Era

On the 23rd September 2012, Wisterian territory was expanded to include Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire. Wisteria-Williamsia was also renamed as Wisteria and Williamsia. The full name of Wisteria-Williamsia became the Principality of Wisteria and Williamsia. Wisteria left New Canada on 9 October 2012.

The Kingdom of New Kosovo was originally incorporated in Williamsia which had changed its name to the current Baijan. However the territory was annexed back to Wales after the borders were changed in Wisteria and Baijan. In early February 2013, New Canada original countries had been granted independence however, Prince Jordan of Baijan and Queen Lauren of Wisteria and Baijan were created as the new monarchs of New Canada. 

The Wisterian Succession act was created to insure that Prince Jordan was to remain first in line to the throne even after the birth of Queen Lauren's children. Due to the Queen Katie of Asermia being ineligible to obtain the throne due to the Wisterian-Asermian Treaty, the second in line to the throne is Princess Evie, with her brother, the Prince Noah in third as the Baijani Succession Laws insure that the first born child will be eligible to obtain the throne regardless of it's gender.

Modern Wisterian Era

Wisteria and Baijan had created a law with Princess Katie that Asermia was to become a territory of Wisteria and Baijan due to sharing the same Royal family. Duchess Katie is the former queen of Asermia however, she is unable to claim the Wisterian throne due to the original treaty.

The Wisterian Succession act became functional on 1 June 2013. This insures that Prince Jordan will remain first in line to the throne with the current Queen's children being second and third. Prince Kyle of Asermia, and his descendants are now eligible to the Wisté-Baijani throne.

In early 2014, the capital of Wisteria and Asermia, Baijan City was set on fire, this resulted in Duchess Katie of Asermia claiming that Asermia should be declared independent and that she should claim the throne. The Baijan Palace caught fire and spread throughout causing the loss of several items including Prince Jordan's possessions. Princess Katie declared war with Wisteria and Baijan resulting in the dissolution of the Wisterian Commonwealth.

Rule and Government

Current Government

The nation is ruled and controlled by the ruling Monarch, who change the country based on votes of issues delivered to the Royal Families of Wisteria and Baijan. Wisteria became a United Kingdom after the annexation of Baijan. The Wisterian Government was formerly a branch of the New Canadian government who delt with Wisterian affairs. The Head of Government of Wisteria is also the ruling Monarch, currently Princess Lauren. Prince Jordan is automatically first in line due to the Wiste-Baijani Succession Act, meaning that Princess Lauren's children will be second and so on in line to the throne. 

War and Conflicts

The New Canadian Government has decided that the country shall be neutral in all armed conflicts.Wisteria-Williamsia was involved in a war with Armed Federation, after the war, Wisteria-Williamsia signed a treaty preventing "War in all forms with Armed Federation unless if the nation was attacked or certain circumstances."


On the 19th July 2012, Freedonia declared war on Wisteria, over the border of the two countries. Wisteria claimed Cwmbran as Wisterian however Freedonia claims it as Donian. Freedonia lost the war and it's territory was claimed by Wisteria and split up to form New Kosovo, which was later annexed to Wisteria and Baijan. New Kosovo is now controlled by the Welsh Government.


Although Wisteria and Baijan is a reasonably small country compared to other countries. It is very spread out, having claims in the Wisterian Islands, Asermian territory as well as small bases in South Wales. Wisteria and Baijan also formerly claimed Andorra as part of Wisteria. It is a mainly rural country, as well as being over populated with tree's. Wisteria is bordered by Wales to the North and England the East. The Williamsian Islands were a chain of very small islands that were only accesable by boat, however they were not used by the citiens of Wisteria and Baijan and only appeared on maps. Baijan now claims Lundy, Flat Holm and Newydd Holm as the Baijani overseas territory


Wisteria has two official languages, Welsh, which is spoken mainly fluently throughout the whole of Wisteria. Wistan language is also official however it is only used on official documents and is not spoken by all of Baijani citizens. English is the de facto language, although it is not official as it is rarely used in the Wiste-Baijani territory. 


Date English Cymraeg Wistan Remarks
12th Januay Union Day Undeb dydd

Unidéd Déya

Creation of New Canada

25 December Christmas Nadolig Christmés Birth of Jesus/Christmas
31 December New Year's Eve Nos Galan Neddos Énos Eve Start of the New Year

List of Foreign Relations

A list of Allies, Diplomatic Relations, and Informal Relations of Wisteria and Baijan in its own right, and as part of New Canada.


Diplomatic Relations

Relations to be Categorized

Former Trade Agreements

Former Relations

Wisteria and Baijan made diplomatic relations with several nations which are now defunct.

  • Noflag Rockland
  • Hansarian Flag Hansaria
  • Panaya Panaya
  • Noflag Harcane
  • Lurkflag Lurk Federation
  • Neuvilleland flag Neuvilleland
  • Spflag Subenia
  • Drap Principality of Akharnes (now Amager)
  • Gun barrel World Armored Federation
  • Smallia Empire of Smallia
  • Noflag Republic of Stars
  • Ghbj Kingdom of Fortania
  • 659px-Flag of The Union of Asermia Asermia (Annexed to Wisteria and Baijan)
  • United territories of Voltonias flag United Territories Of Voltonia
  • Galacian flagthingy The Royal Kingdom of Galacia.

Member Micronational Organisations

Wisteria and Baijan, as part of New Canada is a member of several political organizations. However, it is not a member in its own right. Constituent Countries of New Canada are allowed to join cultural and geographical organisations as individual entities.

Former Members of

  • Flag-Small League of Countries
  • GrandSeal Grand Intermicronational Alliance

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