Wolf Syndicate

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Wolf Syndicate
(Provisional Government)
Archduchy unironia-woodland.png
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Wolf Syndicate Banner

Capital city Cri
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Wolf
Demonym Unironic
Government Oligarchy, Provisional Government
- Head of State (De jure)William McGuire
(De facto) Zachary Sparks
Legislature Wolf Board
- Type - Provisonal Government\Oligarchy
- Number of seats - 4
Established April 2012-Fall of the Archduchy
Disestablished April 2012-2nd Unironic Revolution
Currency USD


In late March of 2012 after the fall of Unironia-Woodland a new Unironic government was created, this government was an oligarchy made up of a group of Unironic businessmen who seized power for personal gain and installed a puppet head of state.

Eventually the people were angered by the new government and overthrew it, soon after the State of Unironia was established.

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