Town of Wrythe
Founded 20 September 2008
Residents 4
Subjects 3
Language(s) spoken English
Representative HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
Jurisdiction Province of Greater Wrythe, Duchy of Royton

Wrythe is the capital city of the Empire of Austenasia, declared so in the 2008 Declaration of Independence.


Pre-Austenasian history

The area now comprising Wrythe was, in the 11th century, part of the Aultone estate, held by Goisfrid de Mandeville after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. The area was famous for its springs, "aul" meaning well or spring. The name of the area gradually changed to Cresaulton, suggesting that watercress was grown nearby. Eventually the estate became the modern British town of Carshalton.


Wrythe was founded on 20 September 2008 as the first piece of sovereign Austenasian territory. It was the only Austenasian land until 21 February 2009, when Glencrannog was annexed by the Empire. On 28 August 2009, the Austenasian Army invaded and occupied a small piece of ajoining land known as Commius Flats, which was de jure annexed the day afterwards.

Civil War

During the Austenasian Civil War, the town of Wrythe was loyal to the Emperor. Princess Caroline was placed under low-security house arrest in the Imperial Residence, which was fortified against possible Carolinian incursions. The Imperial Regalia were stored in the Imperial Residence for safe-keeping, and Rose and Edd were used as guard dogs, patrolling Wrythe Public Park and the British alleyway near Commius Flats. Despite extensive preperations, Wrythe was never attacked during the entirety of the war.


Wrythe consists of:

The Imperial Residence

A three bedroomed semi-detached house which is the residence of the Imperial Family and nominal meeting place of Parliament. Also known as 1 Imperial Road and 312 Green Wrythe Lane, the Imperial Residence is the centre of Wrythe.

Wrythe Public Park

A lawn, flowerbeds and patio next to the Imperial Residence, home to all sorts of wildlife and the frequent visiting place of the Imperial Family. It features Wrythe Pet Cemetary, the final resting place for a crab and 4 fish.

2 Imperial Road

A one-roomed structure at the opposite end of Wrythe Public Park from the Imperial Residence. No official purpose has been given to it yet, but it is Crown property and there are plans to transform it into a prison or storage facility.

Commius Flats

Named after the first confirmed ruler of the land of Wrythe, a King Commius, Commius Flats is a small area of cemented-over ground seperated from Wrythe Public Park by 2 Imperial Road. It was State property under the Stewardship of the Ministry of Defence, and there were plans to transform it into a weapons testing site. However, during January 2010 its status was changed to public property.

On 27 January 2010, the half of Commius Flats furthest away from the Imperial Residence was renamed Tincomarus Department (after Commius' son) and given to the Slinky Empyre.


The Representative of Wrythe is HIH Crown Prince Jonathan, who assumed office on the date of Wrythe's founding by the terms of the Declaration of Independence and was democratically confirmed as Representative (and Prime Minister) by an election just over 3 months later. The following year he once again won the election for Representative.

The Police Inspector and Tax Collector of Wrythe are also the Crown Prince. Wrythe's Baroness is HIH Princess Caroline.

List of Representatives

Term No. Picture Name Political party Term start Term end Notes
01 Cpjaftersobigse HRH Crown Prince Sir Jonathan Austen, RKA, DSC, PM None (considered Moderate) 20 Sep 2008 1 Jan 2009 Founder of Austenasia and proclaimed Representative of Wrythe in the Declaration of Independence. Sole member of Cabinet and de facto dictator during this period.
02 Cpjaftersobigse HIH Crown Prince Jonathan None (considered Moderate) 1 Jan 2009 1 Jan 2010 Confirmed to the office of Prime Minister by democratic election. Oversaw the annexation of South Kilttown, adding another Representative to the Cabinet.
03 CrownPrinceConsortJonathan HIH Crown Prince Jonathan None (considered Liberal) 1 Jan 2010 Incumbent
Next election 1 Jan 2011
Re-elected to Representative of Wrythe. Held office during the Terry I abdication crisis and subsequent Austenasian Civil War.