Kesultanan Yahabibi
Yahabibi Sultanate

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Coat of Arms

Satu Orang, Satu Negara!
(English: One People, One Nation!)
Wa Yahabibi
Tampines, Singapore
Capital city Gameel
Official language(s) English


Official religion(s) None
Demonym Yahabibi
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Sultan Danial Shahrin
Legislature Congress
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 3
Established 22nd February 2016
Population 19
Currency Singapore Dollar
Time zone GMT+6
National animal Eagle
National E-Mail:

The Yahabibi Sultanate (Malay: Kesultanan Yahabibi) (Chinese: 雅哈比比苏丹国) is a micronation located in the Republic of Singapore. The Yahabibi Sultanate has a fledging population of about 18 peoples, and its capital is Gameel, consisting of a building and road on a school soccer field. The Yahabibi Sultanate is led by a Sultan, Sultan Danial. The Yahabibi Sultanate is an absoulute monarchy. The Sultan does not reside in Gameel, but in a palace in the Republic of Singapore several kilometers away from the Sultanate. The Sultan does visit the territory of the Sultanate everyday.



Unlike most micronations, the Yahabibi has a military called the Yahabibi Royal Guard. The official duties of the royal guard is to defend the Sultan and the borders of the nation, specifically Gameel. The Yahabibi Royal Guard is armed with wooden weaponry to defend and carry out their missions. The Yahabibi fought against another micronation, the Fatimabebe, which ended in a Yahabibi soldier getting wounded but the Fatimabebe surrendering. Thankfully, the Yahabibi military were not involved in many conflicts other than the revolution.

The commander in chief is General Reyes J. Gabriel with Major Justin Yeo as the second-in-command.


The Yahabibi Sultanate has a very diverse population. Recent Yahabibi census has put the population at 18 people. Of the 18 people, 10 are Malay, 4 are Chinese, 1 is Tagalog, 1 is White (American) and two are Indian.

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