Yellow Army, is a 99 soldiers, 3 hackers, 5 gamers and 15 inventor defense force of Kingdom of Rajputistan

Leader 1(Emperor): Maharawal Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot
Leader 2(Defence Minister):


Yellow Army is the successor of Rajput Royal Army. It was founded on 10 July 2010 after government officially changed it's economical policy to Capisocialism.

Red Revolt

Mani Article: Red Civil War of Rajputistan

10 Yellow Soldiers supported and fought for the rebels under the leadership of Gen. James Marshall. But after the defeat of communists. 9 rejoin the Yellow Army, resigned from Red Army. Even after confession General Marshall was kicked out of the country.


Yellow Army have 3 branches.

Emperor's Yellow Army

It is a land army, commonly called Yellow Army. It have 99 soldiers armed with special semi-automatic air rifles created by Yamilio.

It aims to protect the country from foreign threats.

Yellow Game Army

Build to fight war on Empire Earth on Rise of Nations online.

Yellow Intelligence Agency

It is only intelligence organ of Kingdom of Rajputistan

It is powered by 3 hackers.

Yellow Defense Research Organisation

The weapons and other things for Yellow Army is not designed by Yamilio. It is designed by Y.D.R.O.


Yellow Army claims to be strongest Micronational Army.

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