Yoshitoki Matsuo
Japanese: Matsuo Yoshitoki (松尾義時)
Premier of Nentouhon
Assumed office:
29 August 2013
Predecessor n/a
Successor n/a
Personal information
Born 13 January 2001
New York City, United States
Citizenship Nentouhon
Nationality Nentouhese
Ethnicity Asian
Political party Socialist Party of Nentouhon
Residence Nentouhon Premier Mansion, Capitol Region, People's Republic of Nentouhon
Occupation Premier of the People's Republic of Nentouhon, President of the Socialist Party of Nentouhon, Student
Signature Matsuotokihanko
Yoshitoki Matsuo (Japanese: 松尾義時) is the founder and current premier of the People's Republic of Nentouhon. He was born on13 January 2001. At around age 11, he discovered Micronationalism, and founded his first micronation with a few of his friends. It was called Tokeyo and reigned for about 2 days. After a few months, he got interested in micronationalism again and started the People's Republic of Nentouhon. Yoshitoki is a socialist, and believes that all services should be provided by the government.

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