Flag of the Theodorist Union.png
February 20, 2013–present

Flag of ZaxiqRoyal flag of Zaxiq

Never forget power of Zaxyq
God Save the Queen
Capital city Eastroad
Official language(s) Zaxiqi Slin-Englysh
Official religion(s) None (de facto)
Demonym Zaxiqi
Government Devolved government with constitutional monarchy
- Queen Queen Elizabeth II
- First Minster L'Mynystre
Established February 20, 2013
Population 3
Currency Pound sterling (GBP) although US dollar is used more
Time zone UTC-8
National dish Ice cream

Zaxiq is a self-declared country in United Kingdom. It is dividied in two towns, Eastroad and Westroad, none of which have residents. The road itself is considered to divided between the two cities. Although it is has no residents and no citizenship as part of United Kingdom, it has "British citizens on behalf of Zaxiq." Zaxiq is not considered a country of United Kingdom by British officials nor do they recognize its existence but Zaxiq claims to be a country of the UK regardless.


Zaxiq was founded out of the partition of the Theodorist Union. When they decided where the boundaries should be drawn, they decided to give the non-Ausealandic part of the Free Zone STK to the United Kingdom as it had no residents. The First Minister wishes to do a referendum on the future status of Zaxiq when Scotland has its independence referundum.