Zetto City

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Zetto City
Updated Zetto City Flag
  Major City of the Empire of Jakania  
Nation Empire of Jakania
Population 5
Founded April 27th 2013
Mayor HRH Prince Nathan
Time zone 0
 - Summer (DST) June–August
Calling code None
Zetto City is a city within the Jones Province of the Empire of Jakania, 'Zetto' means 'Z' in Japanese so in correct English, the name is 'Z City'. This City is an important Jakanian City, being the most important if New Rome is excluded, which is the Capital City.


On April 27, 2013, Zetto City was formed, 'Zetto' was derived from 'Doragon Boru Zetto', known in English as 'Dragon Ball Z'. The Mayor is HRH Prince Nathan, the heir to the Jakanian Throne and the City compromises all of the Jones State. It is also occasional residence of Emperor Tiberius. The City wasn't acknowledged until then and it didn't even have a placeholder name for itself.

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