There are two Zudonian Intelligence Agencies, the Zurdonian Department of Homeland Security and the Zurdonian Security Agency. They both investigate and monitor information related to the Kingdom of Zurdonia.

Zurdonian Department of Homeland Security

The Zurdonian Department of Homeland Security or the ZDHS is one of the two Zurdonian intelligence agency. The ZDHS, unlike their partner organization, defends the nation in a more physical way. They get information from the Zurdonian Security Agency and act on it. Their responsibilities include acting upon and investigating information as well as monitoring targets.


There are 3 agents in the ZDHS. There is the head who is Logan W who is also a Member of Parliament. The agents work every day investigating the false claims that The Kingdom of Zurdonia is fake.

Zurdonian Security Agency

The Zurdonian Security Agency or ZSA is one of the two intelligence agencies of the Kingdom of Zurdonia. It currently consists of two people and the head is the current Lord Speaker, Riley. The ZSA agents are in charge of investigating many crimes and stopping spies. The head is appointed by the King of Zurdonia and he must be approved by the parliament. The ZSA is in charge of most information related to Zurdonia. They do not attack people, but inform the ZDHS so that the Department can act upon the issue.


The ZSA can bring up and down the Security Levels at any time. The ZSA can also classify any information they need. When agents find spies, they can arrest them. All arrests other than foreign spies must have a warrant. The ZSA can revoke people's citizenship at any given time. The ZSA does not use force that often and does not fight withen our nation physicaly.

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